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Valuing individual service,

self-improvement and free market policy

Our Mission

The Scott • Schlaepfer Family Foundation supports organizations and programs that:

  • Advance public policy grounded in free enterprise and individual liberty

  • Honor and support families and individuals who have served and sacrificed for our country

  • Empower motivated people through educational and extracurricular opportunities

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Meet The Schlaepfer Family


Phil Scott Schlaepfer

Phil Scott Schlaepfer organizes his life around a few simple, yet powerful, principles: success is achieved through hard work and diligence; free enterprise, individual liberty and free market solutions are the cornerstone of community prosperity; and those who serve our country and our communities deserve respect and support.

Phil has been an active member of the greater Seattle community for 35 years, supporting organizations and causes that honor military service and sacrifice, advocate for free market solutions, and provide educational and extracurricular opportunities for motivated youth.

Phil oversees an award-winning wealth management group at First Republic Investment Management in Washington state. Prior to joining First Republic, Phil served as managing director at Merrill Lynch for 35 years. He operates professionally as Phil Scott, managing director and wealth manager, and has been named one of Barron’s “Top 1,200 Financial Advisors: State by State” each year from 2015 to 2020. Phil was recently honored as one of Barron’s 2020 “Top 100 Financial Advisors” in the country and was named to the 2019 Barron's Hall of Fame (one of 145 advisors worldwide).

Service and integrity have been bedrocks of Phil’s life since his youth. Phil attended the U.S. Naval Academy, graduating with degrees in international relations and general engineering. While at the Academy, Phil was Captain of the crew team and he developed a lifelong passion for rowing. He served as a Navy Flight Officer flying the A-6 Intruder jet aircraft and deployed aboard the USS Constellation, before leaving the military to pursue a career in financial services.

Phil believes every driven young person deserves the opportunity to earn a well-rounded education. This includes supporting qualified, skilled teachers and empowering families to make decisions about their children’s learning options. 

In tandem with education, honoring veterans and families of fallen servicemembers is also close to Phil’s heart. Phil believes families who make the ultimate sacrifice for country and freedom deserve respect and support, and he demonstrates his reverence through philanthropic contributions and recognition. 

Phil and his wife Lesli reside in Bellevue. They are the proud parents to Andrew, Christopher and Julia Schlaepfer.


Lesli Schlaepfer

Lesli Schlaepfer is a passionate advocate for educational opportunity and the values of integrity, goodwill and service.

Lesli grew up on Whidbey Island, Washington. Her family’s commitment to service and those who served our country and her steady and compassionate upbringing instilled a set of guiding principles that has grounded Lesli’s engagement in the community, including the causes she is committed to and the values she and her family live. 

Education has long been a core focus of Lesli’s life. She attended Washington State University where she studied business administration and education. She later earned a continuing education certificate from the University of Washington.  

Ensuring that children have access to quality, results-oriented educational opportunities emerged as a central passion for her early in her career. After college, Lesli worked as a high school teacher in Kent and Woodinville teaching business courses in the 1980s. She later served as a volunteer in the schools her children attended, assisting in the classroom and organizing after-school activities. 

Lesli married Phil Scott Schlaepfer in 1983 on Whidbey Island and is the proud mother of their three children – Andrew, Christopher, and Julia.

Lesli believes in the importance of communication, compassion and respect. She places great value in civility and proudly supports causes that advance mutual understanding and respect. She and Phil have raised their family to embrace and exemplify these values through a commitment to self-improvement and a respect for propriety and kindness.


Andrew Schlaepfer

Andrew is a software engineer at Bloomberg LP in San Francisco where he specializes in building financial quant platforms. Andrew graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and computer science and a minor in arts, culture and technology. 

During his time at MIT, Andrew was an active member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity and the Edgerton Center, an on-campus center where students gain hands-on experience in subjects like high-speed imaging, robotics and engineering. 

Andrew shares a passion for rowing with his father and brother. For much of his youth, Andrew was a competitive rower and was a member of the Lakeside High School boys crew team for four years and rowed for two years on the MIT varsity crew team. 


Christopher Schlaepfer

Christopher is a software engineer at TripAdvisor in New York. He is simultaneously earning his MBA at the Columbia Business School, where he is involved in several campus clubs including the Columbia Entrepreneurs Organization, Technology Business Group, Data Analytics Club, Health and Wellness Club and Microbrew Society. 

Christopher graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering. He was a competitive rower and member of the Lakeside High School boys crew team and rowed for four years on the MIT varsity crew team. 

Prior to joining Trip Advisor, Christopher completed an internship with Planetary Resources Inc. where he conducted research on potential asteroid mining techniques and developed outreach strategies for community engagement.

Julia Schlaepfer

Best known for her breakout role as overachiever Alice Charles in the 2019 hit Netflix show The Politician, Julia Schlaepfer is a New York-based actor. Prior to The Politician, she appeared in episodes of The Instinct and Madame Secretary, and in the movie Charlie Says. Julia approaches each project with determination, hard work and kindness, values she has embodied her entire life. 

Julia was inspired to become an actor by her high school drama teacher at Seattle’s Lakeside High School who gave her the opportunity and confidence to pursue a career in the arts. Before graduating from high school in 2013, Julia was a ballerina with the Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle for 12 years, appearing in performances such as The Nutcracker and Swan Lake

Julia studied acting at the Atlantic Acting School at New York University and graduated in 2017 on the Dean’s List.  

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